Airpeak: Sony Launches A New Drone Project

The giant tech company, sony, recently announced an entry into the drone business. Through a short video on their website, the drone is expected to hit the market in the summer of 2021. It will face serious competition, with established companies like DJI gaining acceptance. 

The reputation sony has built over the years on the quality of cameras it produces gives it an upper hand in the new venture. The drone is smaller compared to its predecessors. The production revolves around the efficiency and safety of the customer. 

Key Features the new drone ”Airpeak”

Artificial intelligence and robotics

There is no detailed information about the duration that the project will take. However, a report released on sony’s official page, it is certain that the project lies in the AI robotics area. The hardware and software of the drone feature great artificial intelligence prospects. The latest technology in artificial intelligence and robotics will make the drone one of a kind. 

An automated drone is safer compared to a regular drone. Majority of accidents that drone causes are entirely related to human errors. The new project features a wholly automated system. Moreover, the proper sensors and technologies that Sony plans to use in making the new drone make it very stable during flight.  

Transmission of real-time uncompressed videos

Sony characterized the new drone as a flying robot. With longer flying hours and the ability to fly indoors or through narrow spaces makes it unique and unbeatable. The drone draws its energy from a wired power supply. The proper wiring enables the drone to deliver uncompressed quality videos for long hours. 

An optic fiber cable is fitted to the drone enabling the drone to send quality real-time pictures and videos. Multi-spectrum cameras and a wireless communication system are important in the delivery of real-time videos. With this, long-distance communication and low power consumption are possible, making the drone efficient and effective.

Quality graphics

Sony never compromises on the quality of cameras its gadgets have. The graphics of Airpeak is the major feature that Sony is majoring in the quest of winning the market. Moreover, Airpeak, as described by Sony, is smaller compared to other drones. It gives it the ability to take quality graphics regardless of the angle and terrain. 

With a series of quality cameras that Sony has produced in the past, the game shakers in this field are anxious to check out the final product. 2021 is looking better by day. 

Fast and longer flights

Unlike traditional hexacopters, camera drones are faster. Sony wants to take speed to the next level with the new project. With four powerful propellers and a sleek shape, Airpeak will have better-propelling power. 

From a business perspective, it is very suitable for aerial surveillance. Adequate sensors maintain the drones’ stability. A stable drone takes accurate measurements. When conducting research or taking measures, Airpeak is the drone to use.

Apart from being faster, the drone has the potential of flying for long hours. Bad batteries that drones have often resulted in short flight time. Sony plans to change this with the new project. Smaller and more powerful battery technology is what the manufacturer intends to use. It makes them more appropriate for research institutions and field studies.  

Sony is planning to collect data from drone users to get divergent views on what the customers want. The project is purely geared towards customer satisfaction through the production of god quality drones. Sony has set aside a massive budget for research and collection of views. 

Drone technology has faced numerous challenges. Greedy business whose main aim is getting rich has tarnished the industry. People are losing trust because of the many accidents caused by drones. 

Sony, with the development of Airpeak aims to reverse this trend. It has undertaken serious research and investments to ensure your safety. The stakes are high. Expect nothing less.