Tesla A Combination Of A Dozen Technology Start-Ups – Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently explained to press representatives and investors that the auto company, which is the most successful in the world, is comprised of a dozen technology start-ups.

He also said that most of them don’t have any correlation with traditional manufacturers. These start-ups include autonomy, chip design, vehicle service, sales, drive unit design, motors, supercharger network, and the upcoming service, insurance.

Tesla’s secret of success, though, is not in car sales. It’s being able to vision the future and play within that space (pun intended). He has introduced features that are so innovative that it will take other car manufacturers decades to catch up.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk. (File photo: IANS)

Roots in Silicon Valley

Its secret is the features mentioned above and the fact that it has its roots firmly embedded in Silicon Valley. It is more computer than a car, if that makes sense. At first glance, much of what Tesla is about does not make sense at all. If you start thinking of the company differently from other manufacturers, it starts to make sense.

There are others now that are trying to catch up, but Tesla has such a head start, by the time they eventually do arrive at Tesla’s current position, it will have moved on with other additions and start-ups. It’s a very clever company, thanks to the visionary Musk, and it’s far ahead on the highway.

The company has its primary focus on batteries, which it sees as its way forward. Tesla’s prime attention on batteries has been to get the most energy out of them. It is the battery of the future that is available right now, and that’s part of what makes this car so incredible. Its prime focus is to make the transition to electric vehicles more viable and feasible.

Code of technology

As far as chip design is concerned, Tesla leads the way by supplementing this in its code of technology. Its custom chip powers the self-driving software in its vehicles. This has been created with autonomy as its base. It is purpose-built for Tesla and drives whatever needs to be sparked into motion.

By having manufacturing technology for the chip under the same roof as the other manufacture, specifics makes the “all in one” facility that much more versatile and dynamic.

Having one innovation leading off the other makes it a pool of power. Nothing is outsourced, making the simplicity of manufacturing part of its allure.

Musk has proclaimed that the company, which had never made a chip before, has now made the best chip in the world. It’s extraordinary, yet the feature is right there in the Tesla, waiting to be felt in the silent speed of the supercar.

Research powerhouse

The manufacturing facility has been likened to a research powerhouse, something that’s not normally associated with auto building. It attracts the best computer talent in the world to come up with even more dazzling technology.

Time, we know, waits for no man, and certainly no car, but time is something that Tesla is well aware of. It uses time like a well-oiled machine that performs as only it can in this facility.

Having the best teams on your car helps with its time-flow and its output, which has improved considerably recently. Somewhere in the past, demand exceeded the output, which caused some negative press, but that’s been solved now.

It was almost as if Musk was taken by surprise that his car was so popular.

Tesla’s customers have proven to be the most loyal in the automotive sector, leaving many a manufacturer puzzled and on the backfoot. Daimler is doing its best in trying to catch up, but it has a way to go.

It’s almost as if you must climb into Musk’s mind to be able to figure out what is coming next for Tesla and how best to reach the envied spot it occupies currently.