Benefits Of Breath Of Fire And How It Is Done

A breath of fire, also known as skull shinning, is an exercise like yoga. It entails the control of breath systematically in a specific order. It is a technique that has gradually gained popularity because of its importance in the wellness and fitness of its participants. 

You inhale, hold the gulp of air for a short while, and breath out. Songs and dances accompany the process. A complete round of the game takes up to 10 minutes to

How the breath of fire is done?

Find a quiet and peaceful place to evade disturbance during the action. Spread a mat on the floor and sit in a cross-legged position.

With the palms upright, old your knees with both hands. Keep off anything that can distract you during this time. 

Breathe in slowly and pay attention to how your body reacts when breathing in.

Exhale forcefully immediately you feel that the lungs cannot accommodate in any more air. The duration taken to breathe in should be equal to that of breathing out. It reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the system. 

Redo the procedure severally until you become comfortable with it.

If you are comfortable with the exercise, increase the pace. When repeating, ensure that you out exhale loudly and with more power. 

The emphatic repetitions should take a maximum of 30 seconds for beginners, but with time, you can do it for more extended periods.

Benefits of the breath of fire

Relieves stress

Breathe of fire, just like other forms of yoga, gives you time to focus on yourself. It reduces the activity of the sympathetic nervous system that controls stress levels. Most people who have tried the exercise have reported feeling calmer and sleeping peacefully.

Enhances concentration

It enhances concentration because the brain plays a crucial function in the exercise. The game also improves brain capacity and brain reaction time. The lovers of the game can pay attention to more extended periods compared to other people.

Improves the functioning of the respiratory system

When performing the breathing of fire, all the muscles in the breathing system are involved. This improves its functionality. Doctors advise people with breathing difficulties to try the game as one of the treatment processes.

Improves digestion

The muscles in the lower abdomen play a critical role in the process.  Doctors have advised several people with weak digestive systems and irritable bowel syndrome to play the game. Most of the patients report positive results, with a documented case of an older man who had geographical reflux disease and healed after doing the exercise for some months.

Helps overcome addictions

Drug and substance abuse is one of the most challenging behavior to leave. Governments worldwide have tried several measures like banning drug substances, introducing hefty penalties on traffickers, and even forceful admissions to rehabilitation centers, but all these efforts were futile.

Breath of fire can be a perfect replacement for drug cravings. It is a very solid technique that can reduce bad habits if more awareness campaigns are done.

Cleanses the body

The heavy exhalations through the game release more deoxygenated air from the lungs.  Body parts are also very active during the whole process.

The increased activity means the body needs more energy to substitute the energy lost during the breathing process. The heart pumps the blood faster than usual, which results in the release of more waste from the body. An increase in exercise also leads o sweating, another form of waste excretion.

The breath of fire is not an exercise that everybody can do. Some people with underlying health conditions like heart and respiratory infections cannot manage such a rigorous workout.

It is not safe for pregnant mothers and people who have spinal cord injuries. It is good to access your body’s state before and during the exercise to avoid straining too much before starting a breath of fire approach experts for advice.